First Fair of the Year 🎪

March 19, 2017

This year, I decided to start off with a small craft fair to ease myself into the busy season 🙈 I choose a fair which I felt was more appropriate for my smaller items rather than my sculptures. I decided to just take my jewellery, tea lights and trinket boxes. I wanted the items to be affordable, making them perfect for gifts, just in time for Mother's Day. Plus this show was the first time I had taken my jewellery to an event (previously just online), so it was a test not only for my display skills but also to see how the public responded to my new range. 


Overall the the fair was quiet - I don't think the constant drizzle and grey sky helped! I had a lot of positive feedback about my work, however with only a few sales, it wasn't the great start to the year I was hoping for. As artists, each fair is a gamble not knowing if you'll profit or just about break even. In this industry you just have to take the good with the bad and learn your way around the fairs and shows to suss out which ones have a good footfall and which ones are suitable for your work. I think I may start looking in to more Artisan Fairs... 💭


Anyway enough of me rambling on, here are the photos of my display from the show 💁🏼




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