February 26, 2016

Living amongst such a dramatic coastline means its not hard for me to find inspiration for my work. Therefore for my next piece I am going to base my piece on what inspires me most - the sea. I am going to be working with a colour palette ranging from the deep dark blu...

February 25, 2016

Today I made the most of the sunny weather and ventured out to buy some lovely new glass ☀️ I've purchased some shiny new blues and greens to work on a huge sea inspired piece 🌊🐳🐬 


As the weather was so gorgeous, I made a pit stop to have lunch with mom on...

February 21, 2016

The finshed piece, with things already starting to collect inside it 🙊⌚️🎁 Just big enough to hold the bits and bobs which can sometimes clutter the side or bed side table. A neat and tidy storage piece 🙈


February 20, 2016

I've gone with greys and a dark blue to keep it masculine, occassionally adding in a dusky pink to brighten the piece. I am finishing the edges off in lead so the shinging silver colour suits the grey, mirror and clear pieces. Overall I feel the lead will make the piec...

February 19, 2016


So for Valentines Day I decided to put my creative skills to good use! 🙆🏼💕 Having our own Valentines Day a little later than most, means I am only now getting around to posting the process and the outcome 💝🙊 I settled on the idea of making a dish for his bedside...

February 11, 2016

Whilst working tonight, I had two little helpers 🙊🐶 I trieeeeddd to get some copper tape stuck down but these two were too distracting.. (I'm not complaining 🙈💕) Time for some cuddles I think! 🐶🙆🏼🐶



February 10, 2016

Currently cutting out some new pieces! Getting a collection of triangles ready to work out some new colour combinations. Especially loving the new textured patterned clear glass!!! 😍😍😍



February 9, 2016

Greatfully recieved some lovely new glass today! Lots of colours including, gorgeous blues and greens, great colours to work with when watching the recent winter beach storms 🌊😍 Can't wait to start making some new pieces. Got a few ideas lined up... 🙊 Keep checking...

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