January 30, 2016

I have recieved some lovely feedback from my first commissioned piece and would like to say thank you, as all the support is greatly appreciated and means a lot! Thank you Vicky, I hope you enjoy the new addition to your home! 😘




January 30, 2016

I'm glad to share with you the finished piece!😃🙆🏼 I'm proud of how this piece has turned out and I am happy to say it was well recieved by a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of my work. Many thanks!!! 🎉 



January 29, 2016

Check out the reflections on this piece so far!!! Amazing work of the sun!! 😍☀️🌞 Love how the piece's just light up ✨



January 29, 2016


Hard at work on this piece 💁🏼 It's coming together well, despite managing to melt my parents carpet with my soldering iron... uh oh!!!😟😖 I've been banished to the spare room, but now have my only little work space, so probably worked out for the best (although i'm...

January 28, 2016

86 pieces all coppered, rubbed down and bonded 👍🏼 Now for the most fun part! Let the construction begin... 🙆🏼🎉


January 25, 2016

After cleaning the pieces up, I can start making again 🎉 On goes the copper tape! 🔶


4 pieces down, 60 odd to go... 😩😩😩😩 (this bit takes sooo long) wish me luck!



January 23, 2016


Tonight I've been busy working on my commission, cutting all these triangles out. 🔻 The colours are starting to look good together! 


(Excuse the Chirstmas socks, I know its January...) 🙆🏼🙈



January 21, 2016

Finally after gathering all the equiptment I need to carry on my glass work over the last few months, I am now up and running!!! *crowd goes wild* 🎉


Since starting up I have also recieved my first commission and have started selecting the glass in gorgeoussss Moroccan...

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